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The Leading Nutrition Keynote Speaker in Sydney, Australia

Updated: May 8

Jake Biggs at Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs is the leading nutrition keynote speaker in Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia.

Jake transforms audiences on the power of nutrition and is a true expert in the field. His inspirational journey to becoming a nutrition keynote speaker as well as his nutrition expertise blows audiences away. Numerous client testimonials have written how Jake was simply incredible and a joy to work with and how audiences get so much out of listening to Jake. Jake is not only a delight to listen to but is incredible to work with.

Audience Members Said The Following:

"Jake is an outstanding nutrition keynote speaker. I highly recommend Jake to any business, company or conference. He was simply phenomenal listening to his keynote in Sydney". Simone

"Jake is an exceptional keynote speaker. I was an audience member listening to Jake’s closing keynote at Randwick in Sydney, Australia. He was exceptional. I have heard Nutrition speakers before but really none can compare to Jake as he truly practices what he preaches. He really performed with a persona that was truly fantastic. I can’t recommend Jake enough for anyone that is looking for a keynote speaker. I also saw that Jake was staying behind at the end of the event to actually the closing time speaking to several audience members too. He really made his presence. I would highly recommend Jake as a keynote speaker".


"I listened to Jake’s closing nutrition keynote in Sydney as a nutrition speaker. He really blew me away with his inspirational health journey. I found his story telling was outstanding and his key takeaways and themes really resonated with me. I was really amazed also by his public speaking skills. He seemed so confident on stage, speaking with such confidence and awareness. I really look forward to Jake’s future keynotes. I highly recommend Jake Biggs as a nutrition keynote speaker".


"Listening to Jake’s closing keynote in Sydney, was an amazing experience for me. I was really blown away by Jake’s health journey. From having severe anorexia nervosa to a full recovery and now being a keynote nutrition speaker is an amazing feat. I found that his public speaking skills were truly phenomenal. His stage presence was outstanding, he truly was so comfortable speaking. His stories that he shared were really captivating, I was fully engrossed by Jake’s speech. He was superb. I believe that anyone who is looking for an inspiring, motivational and expert nutrition keynote speaker; Jake is the perfect speaker. I really look forward to Jake’s next keynote. Highly highly recommend"


"Jake is a phenomenal keynote speaker. Listening to Jake in his closing keynote in Sydney, Australia - I was completely taken aback. He shared really inspirational stories with the audience which resonated with everyone in the room. I was really inspired by Jake. His presenting was truly first class. He spoke with so much confidence and really felt like he had done this 10,000 times before! He really is a natural keynote speaker. I could only say that Jake is simply an outstanding keynote speaker. I would highly recommend Jake as a keynote Nutrition speaker. He was simply a joy to watch and I really look forward to seeing him next. Any business, company, conference or event would truly benefit so much from Jake"


Jake is a true expert in the field of nutrition and speaks with clarity, confidence and purpose. He blows audience members away.

Jake Biggs is the leading nutrition keynote speaker in Sydney, Australia.