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Where do I see you for consultations? Do I see you in person or online?

Both! You can see me in person at Westfield Bondi Junction or Camperdown Fitness if you are a Sydney based individual or I offer online to cater to see individuals on a global scale.

What is involved with a treatment plan from Nutrition Longevity?

In layman's terms, your treatment plan takes me longer to write than the actual consultation! As a nutrition coach, my goal is to educate you to be your own nutrition expert so my treatment plan correlates with this. Every treatment plan will not only include dietary, lifestyle, hydration, exercise and possibly nutritional supplementation recommendations; but for every single recommendation you will receive an evidence based rationale. 

How do I know if I am making progress and achieving results?

I personally know how frustrating it is to pay to see a professional in any field and not see any results. This provides a large amount of frustration, anger, annoyance and irritation. Hence why, I will be gathering data on a regular basis so we can track your progress and results regularly. Due to the individualised aspect to my treatment, some data may be applicable more than others, but these can include body weight tracking, blood test analysis, sleep diary, energy tracker diary, digestive rating scale, waist hip ratio measurements and photos. The more data we can track together, the easier it is to track your results.

What is your consultation style?

Although, my primary expertise is providing evidence based nutritional plans; I ensure that our consultations are as relaxed, dynamic and controlled as possible. It is my role to make you feel comfortable with me and don't be suprised to share a joke or two! I also value the importance of a strong therapeutic relationship, so I will make it my utmost goal for you to be as comfortable with me throughout our working relationship together.

Will I be put on a strict diet/meal plan?

Absolutely not! Anyone can achieve their body composition or health goals without being on a rigid, strict diet. Research further indicates that an extremely strict dietary regime can lead to a negative relationship with food, rigidity, obsessional behaviours and eating disorders. My goal is to help you building a positive relationship with food ,with using it as the primary form of medicine it was originally intended to achieve,; with still ensuring we make amazing results!

Will I be expected to make a lot of change very quickly?

As the famous English poet Robert Lloyd said “slow and steady wins the race”. Scientific evidence supports gradual dietary and lifestyle changes for long term adherence and progression. The goal is to make steady, incremental, achievable and sustainable modifications. I am a highly flexible individual and will be able to tailor the length and complexity of recommendations for each individual depending at what stage they are at in their treatment journey.

How often and how long should I be seeing you for me to achieve my goals as quickly as possible?

My goal with you is for you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible, however; we want to ensure that once you get to your goal you stay and maintain! I also as a coach don't want you to become reliant on me, so I offer a 5, 10, 15 or 20 session package. As this means that their is enough time for you to make the changes and for me to see the effects of that. In terms of length of time together, this is also highly individualised, but I will be very happy once you feel you don't need to see anymore in the future! As strange as it seems, my goal is to see you for the shortest time possible for you to become your own nutrition expert!

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Jake Biggs
Founder  Nutrition Longevity with Jake Biggs
Clinical Nutritionist  Nutrition Coach
Nutrition Presenter  Keynote Speaker
Sydney, Australia

M: +61 435 665 779

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