CLIENT Testimonials

DOM, 23

Jake thank you so much, you have completely changed my health and life. Words don’t do justice of your amazing work with me. I came to make an initial consultation with Jake as i had been struggling for a long time with my energy levels, regular colds and flus and sleep issues. When first meeting Jake I felt so much at ease as was taken back by his nutrition education. Jake succinctly, eloquently and professionally described halfway through the consultation exactly what we needed to do together. After having 9 follow up sessions with Jake; the results have been amazing. My energy levels are now the best they have ever been, I haven’t been getting any colds and flus and I am sleeping soundly every night. Thank you so much again Jake for your outstanding nutrition education and I enjoyed so much our consultations. I have so much nutrition knowledge now and feel very empowered with this to. Highly recommend for anyone who wishes to improve there health and health goals; Jake is your guy.

NOAH, 19

Jake has been my nutritionist for a few months now. I came to Jake wanting to put on muscle mass and size with a vegetarian diet, and he and I have made incredible progress and strides in achieving my goals. He has been phenomenal in everything he does. He has expert knowledge on anything and everything diet and exercise. He comes to each session ready and prepared with the ability to adjust, create and innovate for each individually tailored diet plan for me and other clients. Jake is polite, clear, funny, easy to work with and very flexible, no matter the needs of the client. It is evident he cares about each of his clients and their individual journeys and puts in huge amounts of effort to encourage and help them achieve these goals; whether they be weight loss, weight gain or anything else. I could not recommend Jake more for someone looking to begin, maintain or change their health or fitness journey - Jake is your guy!

Jake really understood my needs as an athlete and educated me on the perfect eating habits to achieve my goals and change my life. After 2 months I feel fantastic and will never go back to my old ways. Thanks again.

Jake’s consultations are informative and practical. Not only have I seen results, but Jake is educating me along the way so that I have life long skills. He is always very professional, but also personal. Would highly recommend!

Since starting my nutrition journey with Jake, I have seen extraordinary changes in my body that has made me feel great. I have noticed that I am hardly  hungry and tired during the day. We have changed the way that I eat to extend my capacity throughout the day. He provides notes at the end of a session to help explain certain food groups that everyone should read and learn. Jake is great


Jake's main focus is ensuring that people achieve their results through plan development, accountability and science-based research. I was stuck on the same weight for quite a while until Jake came along and restructured my daily eating plan. I saw results instantly. Thank you Jake!


With Jake my energy levels and mood have improved drastically and I'm saving money with his food buying directions. Jake makes the process friendly, easy and casual whilst providing extensive professional advice and easily attainable goals. 

HUGO, 20

I’ve had a few sessions with Jake, and he’s provided me with valuable in depth nutritional information tailor made for me, which he’s spent a long time developing. Having followed his meal plans, I’ve seen great results, and have really enjoyed my consults with him.


It’s full marks to Jake for the outstanding and professional consultations he provided. He was able to very quickly identify areas of my nutrition that required some changes and was particularly convincing and inspiring when it came to getting me to implement them. He was also very forgiving when there were some little transgressions on my part 😜 We achieved great long term permanent results. Highly recommended.

Jake's knowledge of nutrition and advice is exceptionally thorough, whilst also being clear, accessible and easy to follow. Jake is extremely personable and helpful, always willing to answer any questions, and I absolutely recommend Nutrition Longevity to anyone looking for sound nutritional advice, especially for young athletes, but also for the whole family.

MAX, 29

Fantastic service!! Always approachable, very knowledgeable, very personalised plans!! Would highly recommend!!

Had the pleasure of meeting Jake recently and what an absolutely lovely person to deal with. Very knowledgeable on products and services. Give him a go!! You won't be disappointed!!


Jake is a very dedicated person. He really takes the time to understand my nutrition needs and my goals. Since he has been helping me with my diet plan, I have seen very positive results. I have been able to gain weight and muscles and feel much more healthy. He really empowered me and now I have a better understanding of how different nutrients can affect my body. I highly recommend Jake.


Jake's nutrition helped get my diet on track and provided me a lot of useful information. The meal plans written specifically  for my needs took the guess work out and gave me the nutrients and energy required to maintain the muscle and body weight I wanted. As a hobby bodybuilder, this helped me improve my gains in the gym as well as my health out of the gym. I highly recommend Jake's nutrition for you to achieve your goals too.

JOEL, 29

Went to Jake to help with my nutrition plan  while training and had fantastic results. Got me to my goal with really simple and easy dietary changes. Highly  recommend!

As a woman in her 60’s, I needed new information about my nutritional needs. Jake has provided me with exceptional up to date information that has shown a deep understanding of nutrition across the lifespan. Jake is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest him to anyone looking for nutritional advice. Thanks Jake!


The information provided was very useful and explained in terms my kids could understand, highly recommend!


I contacted Jake for my son who plays a lot of sport. Jake is extremely professional and informative!
His guidance on food for growth and development was easy to implement and understand.
He is extremely approachable and encouraging. I highly recommend his services.




IAN, 29