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Jake Biggs

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Corporate Nutrition Presentations

Providing employees the nutrition education they desire for optimal cognitive performance, productivity, efficiency and energy levels to significantly reduce health costs associated with absenteeism, sick leave and staff turnover. 

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Sports Nutrition Consultations

Taking your sports performance to the next level! Optimising your athletic performance through proven sports nutrition fundamentals by decreasing your fatigue, risk of disease, injury and significantly enhancing performance, stamina and aerobic capacity.

Individualised Nutrition Consultations

Personalised comprehensive evidence based nutrition plans for your health goals. Using comprehensive dietary analysis software to scientifically investigate your nutrition and provide ongoing nutrition education to ensure you become your own nutrition expert!

School Nutrition Presentations

Engaging, interactive, captivating and fun nutrition workshops and presentations for children, teenagers and young adults as well as family members on healthy eating strategies for optimal growth, development and wellness.

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Hi! My name is Jake Biggs and I'm an accredited clinical nutritionist, nutrition coach, nutrition presenter and keynote speaker in Sydney, Australia. It is my mission to assist you to optimise your health, wellbeing and vitality using evidence based research to enhance your nutritional health and wellbeing. As a nutrition coach, my ethos is to educate and subsequently empower you with all the nutritional knowledge that you require for long term health and longevity. I am excited to hear from you, work with you and most importantly optimise your health and wellbeing!

What Clients Are Saying


I have worked with Jake for 1 year now and the results have been extraordinary. Jake is amazing at what he does and I can’t thank him enough. We have together totally changed my dietary habits in that I feel amazing now with my body and my energy levels that I was struggling so much are great. Jake takes a highly individualised approach to his service and one that I responded well to. His level of detail that he goes into writing his treatment plans are extraordinary. Can’t thank you enough Jake!


Jake is an inspiration and has improved my health and well-being so much. He truly practices what he preaches and embodies the practices, lifestyle and mindset that he teaches. I have benefitted so much from his example, his passion and his easy going nature that makes nutrition fun. He is so knowledgeable about health, nutrition and exercise that I have renewed motivation for self care. I highly value and trust his guidance.


Jake came to our office for a 30 minute session on nutrition. We left the session with a world of information and there was no question too hard for him! The information was clear and concise and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other offices or individuals :)

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